The Palestinian media in Israel condemns the Israeli police for the murder of Nidal Agbariya from Umm Al Fahem


The news of the murder of the journalist Nidal Agbariya from umm al faham shocked the Arab community. At the same time, statements of condemnation and anger poured out in the media and social media, which blamed the police primarily for their failure and failure to prevent the killing of the journalist who was killed on Sunday night.

The press pointed the finger at the organized crime organizations in the Arab community, particularly those operating in the city of Umm al-Fahm. The victim wrote extensively about crime organizations and their activities in the town and in Arab society in general.

Police forces arrived at the crime scene, where Agbaria was found with a gunshot wound to the upper part of his body before he was transferred to “Haemek” Hospital in Afula, where he was declared dead.

In response, the Mossawa Center affirmed, “This is the price paid by a journalist who was killed by organized crime in Arab society. They had already shot at him, and the police did nothing. This evening he was murdered so that every journalist would know that he would rather not write about crime and corruption. It is unfortunate that Arab journalists were left alone in the arena. On the one hand, they are subjected to police violence, and on the other hand, to violence from organized crime. We call on all journalists and officials to fight organized crime, and we call on the police to hold the perpetrators to account.”

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