About Sowtna

Sowtna (Arabic for “Our Voice”) is an independent multilingual news platform in English, Arabic, Hebrew, and Russian dedicated to informing Israel’s minority populations, such as the Palestinian Arab and Russian-speaking communities, about political, economic, and social developments impacting them. It was launched as part of the Mossawa Center’s “Solidarity” program which seeks to build a multi-ethnic coalition among Israel’s minority communities.

‍The Mossawa Center – The Advocacy Center for Arab Citizens of Israel launched its Solidarity Project to bridge between the Palestinian Arab community and various other marginalized groups in Israel including the Haredi (ultra-Orthodox Jews), Mizrahi (Jews of Arab descent), Ethiopian, and Russian-speaking – collectively called the HAMER communities. By building a sense of solidarity between these groups, the Mossawa Center and its partners hope to establish a stronger network for advocacy and justice in Israel that will promote the civil, democratic, and human rights of Palestinian Arab citizens of Israel and other members of marginalized communities in the country.

The Solidarity Project addresses the unique needs and demands of each community through cross-sectional advocacy and cooperation. It does not aim to combine all the minority groups into one community, but to address the unique challenges of each one by strengthening their own civil society and advocacy capabilities through multi-ethnic solidarity.

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