An agreement has been reached to raise teachers’ wages.

After lengthy negotiations between the Ministry of Finance, Education, and the Primary Teachers’ Union, a new wage agreement was signed.

The wages of the teaching staff will be updated, as wages will increase in two installments, the first in January 2023 with a retroactive effect, calculated since September 2022, and the second payment in September 2023.

For example, a teaching employee in his first year will receive 8,207 after the first payment, and after the second payment in September 2023, he will receive 9,000 shekels.

In addition, during November and December 2022, teachers who are not members of the New Horizon program will be given a payment of NIS 1,000 (500 per month)

Finance Minister Avigdor Lieberman said that he was “pleased that, after long negotiations, we were able to sign a wage agreement. We have put everyone in the center, teachers, parents, and students. We are ending a very difficult period. I want to express my thanks to the Minister of Education, Dr. Yifat Shasha Biton, the General Secretary of the Teachers’ Syndicate, and all the leadership of the parental committees and senior officials for completing this agreement.”

The Minister of Education, Dr. Yifat Shasha Biton: “After great efforts, we were able to sign a historic agreement that supports the employees of the education system and ensures stability in the education system, in addition to the central steps we have taken in the recent period to support the education system.”

While Yaffa Ben-David, Secretary-General of the Teachers’ Syndicate, pointed out: “The agreement is a great achievement for the teaching staff because it is a recognition by the state of the importance of the role of teachers and the teaching staff, their wonderful work and their lofty message to the Israeli society. It enhances the role and status of teachers, and in the future there will be additional steps in this direction.”

The Director-General of the Ministry of Education, Dalit Chatauber, concluded: “I am happy to sign the agreement, as it is good news for the education system that guarantees an increase in the wages of education staff, giving importance to new teachers who join the education system. In the agreement, there is a spotlight on principals and teachers, and there is a basket of motivational hours that are given to them. In addition, in the agreement, there is support for excellence and excellence.”

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