An end to the struggle of the doctor internists ? Lapid promotes shortening shifts to 16 hours

Yesterday, Monday, it was reported that Prime Minister Yair Lapid instructed the Ministries of Health and Finance to start preparing to shorten the shifts of the doctor internists to 16 hours.

Over 200 female and male medical interns submitted letters of resignation following the violation of the Ministry of Health’s promises to shorten shifts. Mersham – the organization of medical interns in Israel announced that this week there was a second round of intern resignations.

In the meantime, it was reported that a conversation took place between the Chairman of the Mersham Organization – Dr. Ray Beaton, and Prime Minister Lapid, who is in Berlin, and a meeting with the CEO of the Prime Minister’s Office, Naama Shultz, at the end of which Dr. Ray Beaton agreed to withdraw the letters of resignation.

The Medical Association continues to oppose Lapid’s proposal and considers it a bad proposal to say the least, against the background of the existing shortage of doctors in the periphery, something that will harm the service to citizens in the periphery.

At the beginning of August, the Israeli government announced that the shortening of shifts would be postponed until September 2023, after the establishment of the new government. In response to this, the Mersham organization announced the resignation of interns

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