Ben Ghvir launches a campaign of racist incitement to expel Odeh, Tibi and Kasif

the ” Jewish Power” party, headed by the racist fascist KM Itamar Ben Gvir, has published a media campaign to expel KMs from Hadash and Al-Arabiya List, Ayman Odeh, Dr. Ahmed Al-Tibi, and Dr. Ofer Kasif. The party distributed a statement with pictures to the Hebrew media.

Ben Gvir went out in a propaganda campaign on the giant banners of Ayalon street in central Tel Aviv, and on the banners were pictures of KMs Odeh, Tibi and Kasif accompanied by the phrase “God willing, our enemies will be kicked out.”

Ben Gvir wrote in a statement. Odeh, Tibi, Kassif, and all the supporters of terrorism from the Arab parties represented in the Knesset are the enemies of the State of Israel – and they have no place here. Their place is in Syria.

Hadash and Al-Arabiya for Change list said in response to the incitement: “Ben Ghafir reveals every time his bloody Kahani face, and even proves that he can outperform his racist, incitement and transfer intentions over his disgraced master Kahana. This is not the first time that fascist forces have exploited the elections to incite against the Arabs and their representatives, but Ben Gvir brings bloody incitement to unprecedented levels. , it expresses the nature of the fascist and racist deterioration in Israel and the dominance of Kahanist discourse on the public sphere.”
The statement added: “Ben Gvir does not incite against the representatives of Hadash and the Arab list for change only because they stand against him and his fascism in every field and on every platform, but mainly because they represent Arab masses whose presence and survival is a thorn in his throat, and they represent the partnership between these masses and the Jewish progressive forces.”


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