Court of Appeals of UAE suspends the death sentence on Kiwan

The Court of Appeals of the United Arab Emirates suspended today 17/05/2022, the death sentence imposed on the young Israeli woman Fida Kiwan.
In accordance with Emirati law, the sentence was suspended, due to the appeal filed by attorney Ahmad Said al-Mazrui.
Among other things, the lawyer claims that Fida did not possess drugs for the purpose of trade for which she was sentenced to death.
The next hearing was scheduled in the Court of Appeals in Abu Dhabi on May 31, 2022, where the attorney will present a new defensive strategy on the charges.
Lawyer Ahmad al-Mazrui is the lawyer on behalf of the Kiwan family in the United Arab Emirates.
Also present today at a court hearing in Abu Dhabi was one of Kiwan’s relatives and lawyer Mordechai Tzivin, who deals with international affairs.
Attorney Tami Ullman of Haifa also accompanied the legal proceedings from the beginning.

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