Four people who refused military service were imprisoned for refusing to serve in the occupation army

four people who refused mandatory military service entered the military prison with their heads held high and their spirits held high after the military court decided to imprison them for their refusal to enlist for ideological motives, and their refusal to serve in the occupation army.


On Sunday, Einat Gerlits, 19, Nava Shiftai-Levin, 18, Aviatar Rubin, 19, and Shehar Schwartz, 18, arrived at the recruitment office in Tel Hashomer, accompanied by dozens of protesters from the Misarvot network, and many others rejecting conscription. The four young men entered the recruitment office and announced their refusal to participate in the Israeli occupation.


dozens of supporters of those who refuse to serve demonstrated, who expressed their support for the refusal of the young men.


Einat Gerlitz was sentenced to seven days in prison, while Nava Sheftai-Levin and Aviatar Rubin were detained for a few hours and then released, to return the next day to be accommodated in the camp. Shahar Schwartz was sentenced to ten days in prison and released, to be summoned for a disciplinary hearing with the deputy commander of the Mitav unit.


The four said in a statement prior to their imprisonment, “We call on the citizens of the State of Israel to open their eyes and see the policy of oppression pursued by the Government of Israel towards the Palestinian people. We raise our voices against the military education and militarization imposed on us by Israeli policy, against education to hate our neighbors, and against the social ban by raising leftist voices in front of the youth in the education system. We are interested in showing that there is another path.”


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