Jewish Power MK Almog Cohen boasts of torturing Arab protesters

Hadash KM Ofer Cassif has demanded Attorney General Gali Baharav-Miara to reopen the investigation in the Department of Internal Police Investigations Knesset Member Almog Cohen of the Jewish Power party, after it was revealed that he was one of the police officers who participated in the torture of the Arab demonstrators in Rahat.

Cohen boasted on Facebook that as a police officer, he participated in the violent arrest and abuse of Arab demonstrators. “They remember what I did,” he wrote. The case in question is the violent arrest of 3 protesters from Rahat, which was closed on the grounds that no suspect was identified.

KM Cassif wrote, “a complaint submitted by the victims to the police was closed with the excuse that there was no identification of the violent policemen. But here the sadistic racist identified himself – I turned to the Attorney General to order the reopening of the investigation.”

In an appeal to the Attorney General, Cassif wrote that Cohen’s post is “a new and significant piece of evidence, a public self-identification of one of the suspects for participating in the alleged incident, which obligates me to reopen the investigation for the purpose of forming the evidentiary infrastructure and prosecuting.”A request similar to Cassif’s was submitted to the head of the Department of Internal Police Investigations by the protesters’ lawyer, Adv. Itai Mak.

“The victims went through a mask of torture – there is no more excuse not to investigate and prosecute the sadistic racist,” said Cassif.In a response to Cassif’s demand he be prosecuted, Cohen told the Srugim website that “the Israel hater Cassif would do well if he were busy packing suitcases and less busy with me,” adding, “during my service to the country, I participated in hundreds of activities for the defense of the people and the homeland for which silence is beautiful, and I am proud of all of them.”

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