Palestinian activists call for boycotting of the Zara

Following the announcement by the franchisor of the Zara network expressing his support for the Kahanite settler Itamar BenGvir.Palestinian and Arab activists launched a campaign calling for a boycott of the Spanish fashion company Zara, after news that the franchisor and the company’s agent in Israel – Joy Schwebel, supported the extremist Kahanite MP Itamar Ben Gvir, who hosted him at a political election meeting in his home. The millionaire who lives in Ra’anana last week hosted an electoral meeting at his home with the leader of the “Otzma Yehudit” movement Itamar Ben Gvir, despite his racist stances and policies calling for the expulsion of Arabs from the country. Subsequently, videos spread showing scenes of the burning of “Zara” clothes as a way of protest, while the hashtag #Boycott_Zara, which calls for a boycott of the company’s clothes.

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