Revenge for kidnapping of Tiran Faro’s body: Druze soldiers throw explosive decide at Palestinian home in Bethlehem

Three Druze IDF soldiers were arrested and taken for questioning on suspicion of throwing an explosive device at a Palestinian home in Bethlehem the night after the kidnapping of Druze youth Tiran Faro’s body. An investigation was opened under suspicion that there is a connection between the act committed by the three soldiers and the kidnapping of Faro’s body.

Last week, thousands attened the funeral held for Faro (17) who was laid to rest in the village of Daliyat al-Karmel after his body was kidnapped by Palestinian gunmen from the hospital in Jenin. Although his body was returned rather promptly after intense efforts by various officials and authorities, a number of acts of revenge were carried out including the kidnapping and assault of 3 Palestinian laborers working in the village of Yarka in the Western Galilee, as well as an attack on two Palestinian laborers in Shefa – ‘Amr and the stabbing of another laborer in the South.

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