The Electricity Company expands its services in Arabic

Until now, the “call back” service was available only in Hebrew, but from today it is possible to request the service in Arabic


The Electricity Company announced that it will expand its services in the Arabic language to include the “call back” service.

The Electricity Company launched the call back service two years ago, which allows customers, instead of reaching service centers, to contact customers from the company’s agents and provide the service over the phone by setting an appointment in advance.

Until now, this service was only available in Hebrew, but starting today, it is possible to request the service in both Arabic and English. This service is added to other services such as the telephone answering service in Arabic by calling the call center 103.

Oren Hellmann, Deputy General Manager of the Electricity Company for Services said: “The Electricity Company works all the time to provide an available, honest and professional service to its customers, according to their choice, including services in their mother tongue, and according to the customer’s electricity consumption standards. In the context of the revolutionary services within the Electricity Company, it is clear that most Arab customers prefer to answer the phone in Arabic, and today they can choose a convenient date for them to receive this service through this method.”

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