The Israeli army “partially” takes responsibility for the murder of Shireen Abu Aqleh

the Israeli army announced, after intense American pressure, that “a high probability that one of its soldiers killed Shireen Abu Akleh by mistake.” This recognition comes mainly because Shireen Abu Aqleh held American citizenship, and the pressure exerted by the American administration on the Israeli side.


The report of the examination conducted by the Israeli army regarding the circumstances of the killing of the journalist Abu Aqleh stated that “the soldier who shot the journalist thought that the journalist was apparently an armed man wearing a protective shield.” Despite this, the occupation army considered that “it is not possible to determine.”

the Israeli army stated that a soldier in the Jenin refugee camp had shot and wounded Shirin. The army said in the report, “We examined all the commands for firing, and in general, we did not find any problem in the implementation or preparations regarding the command for combat or in the incident itself.”

Human rights organizations and Shireen’s family demand the opening of a serious investigation by a neutral party into the killing of Shireen, as the accused may not investigate himself. It also calls for the murderer soldier to be held accountable, even if Shireen was killed by mistake, as the occupation army claims. Activists are calling for family compensation, as is the case in similar cases.

The investigations revealed that the Israeli occupation forces clearly fired at the journalists, but the American side turned a blind eye to these investigations, while the ballistic investigation of the gunshot, which was conducted by Israeli specialists in the presence of American specialists, concluded that “the source of the bullet cannot be determined with full confidence, nor It can be attributed to the weapon of the Israeli forces that were present in Jenin that day,” although the Israeli occupation forces and the Palestinian resistance use different types of weapons.

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